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I have tried about every device that was built for increasing your penis size that is available on the market and nothing worked. I was even considering surgery before I finally came across the Male Edge product. I read a lot of positive reviews, and with a client base well over 100,000, I figured what could it hurt? I order the product and got started on the conveniently laid out program that that they provide for you.

First of all I was surprised. The Male Edge looked extremely similar to several of the other devices that I had used, so I was rather skeptical upon seeing this. It was to my surprise that while it may have looked like a similar device it was completely different altogether.

It was much easier to use. The adjustments that needed to be made in order to fit my current penis size were extremely easy to make. The device did not pinch or hurt. It was slightly uncomfortable at first, but it was nothing that you couldn’t get used to feeling.

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I followed the schedule that the Male Edge creators provided. It gave the amount of tension required and the amount of time that that device should be worn or used per session. They stressed to not try and work your way up the program too quickly, so I followed the guidelines they provided. I began to see results almost immediately.

I really did not expect to see anything at all, but was pleasantly surprised when the device seemed to be working. I increased the tension and the time of use as the program required, and I could not believe my final results. I was able to finally have the penis size that I wanted, and all without surgery!!!! The Male Edge saved me a lot of money and pain, and I could not recommend it enough.

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